Network to Networth Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Network to Networth!

    • A Personal Welcome From Kahlea

    • Join The N2N Facebook Community!

    • How To Use This Course

    • Where to Drop Your Homework For Review

    • What Are Your Brand Partnership Goals?

    • Pre-Work: Determine Your Audience Avatar

    • Pre-Work: Determine Your Content Columns

    • eBook: Pitching Your Way to Partnerships

  • 2

    Module One: Brand Partnerships Introduction

    • Powerpoint

    • Introduction of Brand Partnerships

    • Guest Interview: Annabelle Schmitt (Influencer Coach for Microinfluencers)

    • Guest Interview: Danielle Gervino (New York Based Blogger)

    • What Did You Learn From Module One?

    • List of Third Party Platforms For Partnerships (By Annabelle Schmitt)

    • Successful Hotel Pitch (Written by Annabelle Schmitt)

    • eBook: How to Respond To Brand Inquiries (By Danielle Gervino)

  • 3

    Module Two: The 7 Steps to Writing an Effective Pitch

    • Powerpoint

    • How to Develop an Effective Pitch

    • Guest Interview: Mia Cunningham (Director of Social Media Marketing for Not Your Mother's)

    • Guest Interview: Arielle Frank (Founder of Clout Collective)

    • What Did You Learn From Module Two?

    • Workbook: Pitching Your Way To Partnerships

    • Pitch Template

    • Example: Pitch Deck

  • 4

    Module Three: Determining Your Rates For Sponsored Content

    • Powerpoint

    • How To Determine Your Rates

    • Guest Interview: Janea Brown (New York Based Influencer)

    • What Did You Learn From Module Three?

    • Media Kit Guide

    • Media Kit Template

    • Rate Sheet Template (by Danielle Gervino)

    • Example: Brand Proposal for a Trip

    • Example: Brand Proposal for a Multi-Month Campaign

  • 5

    Module Four: Negotiating Deals and Getting Paid What You're Worth

    • Powerpoint

    • How to Confidently Negotiate Brand Deals (Ft. Millenial Money Coach: Chloe Elise)

    • What Did You Learn From Module Four?

    • Chloe's Products and Services for Mastering Negotiation

  • 6

    Module Five: Handling the Legal Side of Partnerships

    • Powerpoint

    • How to Handle The Legalities of Partnerships (Ft. Entertainment Attorney: Casey Handy-Smith)

    • What Did You Learn From Module Five?

    • Invoice Template

    • W-9 Form

  • 7

    Module Six: Developing a Relationship With a Brand

    • Powerpoint

    • How to Develop Long Term Relationships with Brands (Ft. Influencer & Content Creator: Quigley)

    • What Did You Learn From Module Six?

    • Guide to Writing Instagram Captions (by Quigley Goode)

    • Trello Board Template: Managing your Pitches

    • Trello Board Template: Managing your Pitches

    • Brand Masterlist